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Immigration Physical Exam Frequently Asked Questions

What documents should I bring to my visit?

1) A current personal identification with photograph (Passport  or driver’s license),

2) Your personal record of vaccinations if available.  

3) We will provide you with the most current Form I-693.

Who is required to take the immigration medical exam?

1) All refugees coming to the United States

2) All applicants outside the U.S. applying for an immigrant visa.

3) Aliens in the United States who apply for adjustment of their immigration status to that of permanent resident 4) 4) Aliens applying for nonimmigrant visas (temporary admission) may be required to undergo a medical examination at the discretion of the consular officer overseas or immigration officer at the U.S. port of entry

Who is allowed to perform a immigration medical exam?

The test can only be performed by a designated civil surgeon, such as Dr. Abdallah R. Taha.

How long does an immigration physical take?

The immigration physical exam usually consists of two visits, and can be completed in as little as 48 hours, depending on the results.

First Visit: You will get the Tuberculosis test (PPD) and required blood work for Syphilis performed.

Second Visit:  In 2-3 days,  you will return to the office to have the Tuberculosis test reading and bloodwork results. 

If all tests are negative on the second visit,  immigration candidates will be given vaccines they require, and they will receive their completed medical exam Form I-693 in a sealed envelope. The candidates will also receive a copy of the completed Form I-693 for their records. This form is used to determine whether an applicant for adjustment of status / “green card” is admissible to the United States on medical grounds.

What happens if the Tuberculosis test is positive?

If the reaction of the Tuberculosis test is positive, then candidates are required to take a chest x-ray. The candidates have the option to still finish in the same day if they take their chest x-ray at Clifton Medical Center.